Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Team: Tandem-Trailer Continental

The Team: (from left to right) Handlebar Willie, Immy--trailer captain, La Lissa von stoker.

The vehicle: Univega steel mountain tandem with cantilever brakes and 7-speed drivetrain---nicknamed Gladys---, bought on Craigslist for 400 dollars---the best-spent 400 dollars ever---and Chariot kids trailer, purchased a week past Trailer Captain's due date because we needed to get out of the house and "do something" while we were waiting.

The climb: from Sugar House, up Emigration canyon, to Little Mountain Summit---1800 feet of climbing in two hours, hauling up a massive steel frame, aluminum trailer, and baby cargo.

The Victory lap: Trailer Captain wanted to continue climbing up the hill at the pass. Always hungry for more...

Team leaders look onward at the Sessions Mountains panorama.

The game face: Team members of Tandem-Trailer Continental never let on that we are tired. 

The celebration: On the descent at the Sun and Moon Cafe. Only in Utah would you get a big full-strength micro brew dedicated to Cyclocross.

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