Saturday, July 30, 2011

Disequilibrium of Electrolytes and Its Discontents

La Nina could not put it at bay forever. The heat is here. Instead of getting up at 4am to ride like I should have, I lingered at the farmers' market eating a croissant from Tulie Bakery (which I recommend). So the fam drops me off at 10:30 at the Pipeline trailhead. Its already hot at 5200 feet. 4000 feet to go to the Park City ridgeline with 4 liters of water, no electrolytes.

It does not mater how much water you bring if salt is what you need---but the lowland singletrack was sublime anyway, and the cooler temps of the high Wasatch beckon onward...

Aspens: a good sign, but still dripping sweat. I bummed some water off some returning hikers, but again, it does not mater how hydrated you are if you need ions.

Even salt deprived, the clock tells me I rode record fast to the ridge, cranking hard in the saddle (for me, at least).

Everyone having a good time. But I feel terrible. My heart rate won't go down after all but taking a nap on the ridge. So I bag my plans for a Super Crest adventure and head back down canyon, across the asphalt desert of town. But 4000 feet of climbing in 15 miles is P. L. E. N. T. Y. Mental note: bring ion-tabs in July/August.


  1. the good news: at least you were on the wasatch crest. meanwhile, I was laying on a couch in LA.

  2. Hi Frank (I think this is Frank)! Well at least you have that sweet little baby of yours to keep company... Hopefully you are getting some sleep. Next time you're out here, we ride!