Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stay classy, Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful place, but there's not much snow there at the moment, leading residents to visit Canada or someplace....or maybe Utah:

We feel bad for Colorado. One of our dear friends moved there, but he can always visit Utah to reacquaint himself with the fluff. Here he is, saying hello to an old friend.
When asked by a fellow tourer we encountered where he skis in Colorado, our friend exclaimed "Utah," to which the tourer nodded in agreement.

And boy was it hammering:

So Utah's doing all right, but its still early season:
Utah is known for the "greatest snow on earth" but its a little known fact that it also has the greatest brush on earth. Really, this shot skied remarkably well....

But coverage on the whole was good. Check the contrast in turns. Mine's the middle one.

Low-angle rooster tails all the way to work---can't do that in the CO front.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lone Grizzly

I made this stupid video by holding my point-and-shoot camera between my fingers and my ski pole. The terrain was low angle south facing slopes in Grizzly Gulch, so the avalanche danger was low. There was a few inches of powder in the afternoon, after a early day at work. It was a fantastic day. A great little session by myself, fiddling with a camera while skiing. Obviously people do these videos much better with the GoPros, but whatev. And I clearly need to hold the camera more upright while descending, but again, this is amateur hour.

Anyway, the whole point of this exercise was to portray what a day of touring in the mountains feels like. I hope you enjoy:

Music credit: (1) Breakbot---Baby I'm Yours, and (2) Steve Earl---Johnny Come Lately

And I leave you with this: