Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anniversary in the Escalante

Upper Calf Creek is sublime.

Over open slickrock, cairns to get to it.

Descending the canyon offered great views.

Above the most photographed thing in the region was a troop of boy scouts rappelling, slowly.

But we relaxed it the upper pools, mostly by ourselves: water waiting to make the big heave-ho.

Further up were marvellous little pools in the slickrock. We swam all afternoon.

An old pine making its way in the world.

After watching the movie 127 Hours last week, this is an all-too-important reminder to not die.

We camped up on Boulder mountain. The temps were perfect, as was the instant coffee---seriously better than most instant coffee, really---- and a good edifying morning read.

Then we descended boulder mountain on a dirt road heading to the Lower Bown's reservoir, we hiked the slickrock trail into a seldom-visited canyon.  

Like everything here, as you look further there is infinitely more to see. 

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  1. That looks like great fun, Happy Anniversary