Monday, November 12, 2012

The manner of mountains in times of neglect

Lots of hiking in the mountains.

Since late June I've logged 200k of vertical towards my arbitrary goal, mostly from running/hiking in the mountains. So I'm on track for logging the 365k in a year, but I'm actually closer to a half-million, but we will see how that goes as Winter arrives...

The mountains in a neglected season: As a creature of habit I usually only visit the mountains during choice times, but my arbitrary goal is leading me to explore and observe natural environs in all conditions, being adaptable and attuned to wonderful surprises everywhere. Mud and rocks, snow and slush, half-frozen in-betweens. Wet boots.

Kessler Peak Fog.

White Pine dusted white.

The first big dump of the season put nearly 4 feet of powder over mostly dry ground this last weekend.

And there you have it.