Monday, June 20, 2011

Rosebud ATV trail and the other Slickrock trail

My continuing tour of ATV trails in Utah led Ben and I to the Aquarius plateau once again.

This time to the short but sweet Rosebud OHV trail that starts from hwy. 12 and descends to lower Bowns reservoir. 

We pedalled from camp

ATV trails are technically doubletrack, but are usually no more than 50 inches wide and so they ride more like singletrack.

After the super fun two-and-a-half-mile descent, we junctioned with the "slickrock" trail. This is not the famous trail in Moab, but a relatively unused, sandy, rocky, and barely ridable 14-mile hike that traverses Boulder Mountain below Highway 12.

We had some fun riding, when we could ride.

It never fails that the trails I choose always lead to a lot of hike-a-bike, and so we only did a few miles of it before we doubled back to camp. What we end up doing usually is not "riding" but more like adventure exploring while sometimes pedalling our bikes when possible.

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