Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roadie Quest

Gung ho.

The plan: ride up to East Canyon Reservoir State Park, but (again) the snow and the resulting road damage thwarted the plan.

Not be be deterred, we rode to Parley's and mashed pedals up climbs of all manners.

Totalled 30 miles---half of what we planned, but no worries.

Road miles with friends is what its all about.

Cresting the final climb, feeling tired---good tired.


  1. should have gone to saltaire with us. train made us keep on riding further out than we planned which happened to be next to the landfill where i got a flat and we were sprayed by all manner of who knows what, but kept going only to realize that the pavement ends, but dirt road was less scary than the smell. we ended up where we wanted to go then on the way back had a nice little climb up to the capitol.

  2. ewwww---landfill spray sounds UN-pleasant---but west-side riding is fun going through all the industrial sites and carnecerias. Let me know if you want ride sometime?

  3. it was pretty bad. how's this weekend?