Friday, June 3, 2011

Corner Canyon

Draper has some great trails---lots of them.

Still climbing... but the mountains are still way up there. And filled with snow till at least another month.

But there was plenty to explore down here. The trail system is new as of the last couple years. Its very popular. In 1.5 hours of riding, I only did about a third of what's there. Its great to live in a place where the community builds new trails rather than bulldozes the few remaining places. But I guess the government in Ottawa spends its time going to gala parties with dignitaries and whatnot. Utah, not so much...

Its amazing that from the valley each ridge seems a two dimensional mass, but when you get in there, the variegated draws and canyons reveal their dimension.

Midway down, looking over the canyon. And I only rode one of the trails there. So many more to try when I go back.

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