Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Great Latte Accord of 2010-11

Last Christmas I gave La Lissa von Stoker a present of as many lattes as she wanted, whenever it was feasible.

So far its turned out to be a great, mutually enjoyable gift. Wether iced or hot, with foam or without, I pull the shots short for no bitterness and add less milk than the average coffee joint would, leading to a full-flavor latte.
And so the Great Latte Accord of Christmas 2010 has been profitable, and very often enjoyed following an outing of Team Tandem-Trailer Continental.
Today it was the City Creek Canyon Climb then down to the Farmer's Market. Our legs were strong, we made great time grinding through 10% grades at some points.
This strength was not so for the day prior, when Handlebar Willie made a solo outing to Killyon Canyon. The legs did not clean every hill, but it hardly matters with views like these:
I rode/hiked this ridgeline of single track to the knife ridge in the distance to the left by the small clouds, then turned around to descend into the canyon, then home.


  1. those were some good lattes.

  2. also how do you get to killion? we tried once and failed.

  3. The Killyon trailhead is in....Killyon canyon, but you don't want to go up canyon really (too steep for bikes). At little mountain summit, you take the trailhead north across the ridge for a few miles (see pictures above), then you will get to a very clear 4-way intersection of trails. Go west (left) to do the Killyon descent (rutty but fun), go right for Mormon Pioneer trial up to Big Mountain (very ridable), and straight on to the Lookout Mountain mega loop (highly recommended but it has lots of hiking/bushwacking).