Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things that happened along the way

The things that happened in the last few weeks: Peas! And Willow lake! More on Willow lake later. First I'll talk about father's day, and all the great food we had:

La Lissa made me a pancake-bacon breakfast and with a sauce of mulberries that we picked. Note all that bacon on the right. I ended up making bacon-pancake sandwiches...

Then a hike to Dog Lake for a picnic with a muffaleta sandwich. 

Salami and Mortadela, provolone, olives, and in lieu of tomatoes we used sour cherries, which worked really well and I highly recommend. 

Hipsters at the farmers' market...

These rockabilly guys were shreddin'.

Up to the present day now..., really early (5:30am?) and big ride up mill creek with cold mountain air on me. Four hours later I logged 30 miles and nearly 5000 vertical feet. Shameless GPS data dump:

 ---which was a nice warm up for a hike to Willow lake with the girls later.
She was very proud of the log stepping... Wouldn't you?

Imms got her first fishing pole. 

Not much changes really...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Climbing high

I climbed about 5000 feet today, but I have gears now so thats no big deal.

The trail was clear.

This is where they want to put Ski Link. Its a pity.