Monday, November 21, 2011

On Warming Huts and Family Ski Touring in the Wasatch

After ascending a few clicks, we got out for a ski---the first time Imms strapped in. She dug it.

Hot cocoa, cookies, and a few miles up the trail. We miss the warming huts of the Gatineau Park. They made for a more family friendly ski venue. The Wasatch, of course, are rugged mountains, and there are no real structures in the remaining wild parts. Although I typically would be against any development there, after skiing the Gats, I would be all for a series (or just one) of public warming huts going up Mill Creek to the Park City ridgeline. It would be much better than the single yurt they have up there now that gets booked up for private parties months in advance. Why not have a public yurt stocked with wood and a fireplace, a nice rest stop to the upper valley, or final destination before the descent back down...?

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