Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Pipes Are Calling

Super Crest. The spine.

Ridden. Clean.

It was a crazy day up on the Crest, including a bagpiper. Yeah, you heard me right. Bagpipes. On Puke Hill no less. I've heard the bagpipes are the traditional music the Scotts would play before battle. What else kind of music would you want before you eviscerate your enemy---or he eviscerates you? Baroque chamber music? The lute? The hurdy gurdy? Nope. And so it was the perfect soundtrack for gear grinding Puke Hill---which is like an evisceration.

The so-called Dood Crew (including me, the cameraman), named by Brian. I can't bring myself to spell it right. But the name fits. We are men enough to embrace it.

The Dood-Crew-mobile.


  1. Did you ride the high line on the spine (right on the crest the whole way)? If not, you'll have to go back...

  2. I rode the low line. Its eroded and much easier than it used to be. I recall once seeing an old codger up there with a rock hammer making the low line easier by chipping away at some of the features. I gave him some grief for it but he was convinced that it was his civic duty to make it ridable.


    So yes, I have to go back to do the high line.

  3. Man, this is a sweet photo!!

    This sounds like an awesome time.

  4. Thanks Rob. The wasatch crest trail is a classic. It rides the spine of the mountain range for many miles on singletrack, all at 9,500 feet elevation (2800 Meters), overlooking Salt Lake and Park City. Its only ridable for a few months before the snow flies.