Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Edible Wasatch

Its early Fall. I usually have a post-Summer malaise, but not this year.

But we are keeping the pressure on our legs for the high desert tour is coming soon.
Riding with a Sasquatch.

Trailer captain with her biker gang...

The writing in this magazine is overly precious. 

Biker gang, pastry thugs we are. We frequent the haute pastry shop of Les Madeleines on some post-rides.

I usually don't get these, but I'd been about 4 years since my last one: The Kouing-aman, which is a Bretton pastry that literally means "butter cake" in the eponymous French dialect---a hockey puck-sized candied croissant-like pastry baked with sugar syrup. They must have 600 calories. Don't get diabetes folks.


  1. Thanks. We do really appreciate feedback about the magazine. Although blanket
    criticism posted anonymously on the web is not our favorite way to receive it. Oh blogs how we love thee. If you have specific suggestions we'd love to hear them. Our contact info is right on the masthead if you haven't thrown the magazine away.

    Sincerely David Vogel.
    Publisher Edible Wasatch

  2. Anonymous? Bahh! Um, there are pictures of me and my family all over the place. And first names. I'm sure you could pick us out at the Farmers' Market since we are the only enormous tandem + kid trailer in the bike valet. Now you would understand that with my personal info floating around, I wouldn't want my full name up. Fair enough? OK good.

    But you're right. I need to clarify what I mean. I will do so, but I'm going to do my homework first. You deserve that. Thanks.

  3. David, you obviously do not appreciate feedback. Have you thought about why someone might think the writing is precious? Do you understand what that even means? Why go on the defensive when it might help you to make a better magazine?

  4. Of course I know what that means and of course I've thought about it. I can understand why someone might feel that way which is why I've invited more specific suggestions. "the writing" is very general. There are number of different writers with different perspectives and voices. And like all of us they have strengths and weaknesses. What's more I suspect that someone who isn't crazy about the magazine probably hasnt read the whole thing. Know what mean?

  5. David, I think readers know that my comment was off-hand and non-authoritative. You should trust people to interpret for themselves. My advice: you should do your best to project a dignified face to your magazine. As for me, I've worked at a farmers' market, attended slow food events, and read a few different slowfood magazines from different cities in my time. True, I do not follow every issue, but I do get a gestalt picture that many in fact have. But like I said, I owe it to you to take the time to clarify what I mean. I want to be helpful. In due time. And you will notice in my sidebar that I am now not anonymous...