Monday, September 5, 2011

Queen Stages

Riding days. This day with some friends (Brian and Matt)

Attacking the crest.

Before the Crest, it was back-to-back TTC rides: up Little Mountain, and then Jordan River Parkway.

All of this leading to today's Queen stage: to train for our coming tour in Southern Utah, we have to ride a 3000-foot climb after multiple days of riding prior, so we rode Mill Creek from our house. After three previous days of riding in my legs, and two in La Lissa Von Stoker's, we were able to spin up the canyon with reasonable form. So we passed the test. We ask, our legs respond. We eat, sleep, work, and ride all over again the next day. I credit Ms. Stoker for our diligence in training. Its been a real pleasure.

Matt, at desolation, prologue to the Queen stage...

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