Monday, September 5, 2011

Goathead Season

ATVs are really a kid's dream come true. The inner fiver-year-old in me thinks they are the bee's knees, and so does my nephew...

Finally, I am no longer a fly rod poseur. I can actually cast reliably and land trout. Imogen is not so sure, but fresh out of the creek, this cutthroat was good eating.

Apropos the post title. Goatheads are a milestone of Summer's dry heat as we descend to Fall. The patch kit has been seeing some action. Two patched tubes so far and many near misses.

And with all the thorns, the old Continental Mountain King 2.4 tires I had on my bike sprung some leaks. This prompted new tires, and while I was at it, a full tune-up, pads, and chain. The tires are Maxxis Ardents 2.4. They make my bike look like a monster truck. They are bigger (and slightly heavier) than the Mountain Kings. Maxxis tires have a reputation for having a tougher sidewall and better wear life, hence the weight. I found that the Mountain King (MK) tread was really rough/slow rolling, while the Ardents are comparatively smoother/faster (and quieter).  The MK's were good on loose stuff, but not good on rocks and roots, and especially not on hardpack. This is all moot now that the latest iteration of the MKs look a lot more like the Ardents---a better all-round trail tire for dry conditions.

But I digress... Summer. The dog days.

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