Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Southern Wasatch with Family

The associated ridge lines east of Freedom peak---god bless America.

Enjoying our last day in Utah...

The generations watch the ridge line's lee

Sweet abandoned snow machine

My father-in-law is quite a guy. He walks five miles a day, almost every day. Its his morning practice, neither rain nor cold.

The previous day's storm left an icy wonderland.


I look forward to coming back here with my mountain bike in Summer.

The cottonwoods of every river valley in Utah...

An old snow cave---a remnant of some boy scout expedition undoubtedly...


  1. Regarding your abandoned snow machine: When I was a kid Dad took us all to some little resort near Cloudcroft, NM. The proprietor told us that he had stopped renting out their snowmobiles because at least one of them would disappear every year. Someone would drive it into a drift, get it stuck, climb out, walk back and then not be able to tell him where they left it. He'd have to wait for the thaw before he got it back, and then it would take a pile of cash to get it running again.

  2. Thats funny, Scott. I have no idea of the provenance of the snow mech. Many people go up that trail every day by that mech. The mech is ooooldddd. I can't believe that it actually runs. And yet nobody has grabbed it? Seems like the Vivian park stewards would have hauled it out by now...