Saturday, April 14, 2012

Backpack, Backpack

Imms got her first backpack, backpack.

If you don't know the reference, well all I have to say is that aren't you lucky...

Actually, I think Dora the Explorer is pretty cool, especially since it embraces adventure.

Particularly when that adventure involves hiking in the rain with hot cocoa.

And cliff bars, all packed in her pack. I didn't carry anything. She asked me where my pack was and I told her it was her job to carry the treats now. Luckily for the Dora the Explorer inspiration, she embraced her new role as pack mule. 

The clouds rolling off the west desert were amazing---wave after wave of multi-tired storm clouds.

We had a good time, and the first time she pulled her own weight, so to speak.


  1. Great pics, Will! I wonder how long being the pack mule will be novel before the excitement wears off? ha

    1. As long as I stash the granola bars there, it will be a while. She loves the idea that she can put her things in it and take it with her anywhere---"I have it" she would say. Weird for us to think, but that's a new concept for her, one that's a source of pride and empowerment. And thats the genius of Dora, which elevates that empowerment to a magical level.

  2. Its Mr. Big Ring up in Aw-da-wa! The guy I always followed on the blogo-webs but never actually met when I lived in the O-town for three years. Well good to hear from you. And keep blogging. Please.

  3. This is so cool--the little hiker, indeed, with little poles. Got to love the hiking poles.