Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Big Fish

Waist-deep in the reeds of Lower Bowns Reservoir, I landed this big one, probably a full pound.

Camping in the pines above the reservoir.

The pines were a labyrinth of fun.

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. 

Imogen's first fish of the trip. We trolled a deep section of Lower Bowns and had hits every time we passed by---the canoe is a highly effective fishing tool.

Imogen learns to cast... There was a mayfly hatch and the fish were rising everywhere on the banks too. 

Sunday was apple harvest day. Note the grotesquely large size of the canoe.

Tonnage of apples = lots of pies.

Heart rocks in Broad's Fork, Wasatch range.

Imms learning to climb.

She's carefully explaining her polling technique.

And then execution... She went down this steep terrain for about 1/3 of a mile till the fatigue set in.

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