Monday, September 24, 2012

Boulder Mountain Bikepack---Technical Trails and a Big Brook Trout

Apologies for having no pictures, but the below GPS track describes the journey to the North Slope Boulder Lakes so famed for their giant trout.

If I were to do this overnighter again, I'd ride it in the opposite direction, heading first to green lake, which goes twice as long for the same vertical, but keeps the gradient down to something more ridable.

At Fish Creek lake I managed to land a 14-inch Brook Trout amid an amphitheater of yellow and orange aspens and cliff bands forming the Boulder plateau. If that fish sounds impressive, its not. Every fisherman there practically had one that big. The Boulder Mountain lakes just grow them big. I rode onward still to Blind Lake and camped on the shores for a feast of my trout. I was lucky to land the fish because I only brought cous cous with me for dinner, so the pressure was on. I ate well thankfully. The descent down the following morning was exciting. Technical rocky trails abounded. Even on a fully loaded bikepack rig the trails were fun to pick through the rocks.

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