Monday, May 7, 2012

The longest day in memory

The anual hoedown on the homestead at Steph and Gavin's cabin. About 15 wonderful people showed up.

I woke up with the sunrise for a mountain bike ride on a dusty moto trail down a wash toward the Dirty Devil river. The Henry Mountains are my backdrop.

After some coffee lounging, we started onward to a slot.

The opening of Leprechaun slot, near the Henry Mountains.

Fun happened. Big time.

In the slot.

At the height of noon, the narrow crack in the roof put on a light show.

And after all that, a day at the beach.

And then kite flying! The hits just keep on coming.

It was the longest day in memory. 

Perhaps it had something to do with the moon. It was so close to the earth that it slowed everything down. Slow enough observe the light tracking through a canyon, slow enough to watch the moon rise, slow enough to examine the day before its gone. 

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