Monday, April 30, 2012

San Rafael Dual Sport

The verdant San Rafael River, meandering through the "little grand canyon" at the wedge overlook. This is actually my first visit into the northern San Rafael Swell. I am amazed. The San Rafael is supposed to be a good paddle in the Spring flow, but this year even that's low.

Ben and I can't do every sport everyday, but we managed to get in at least two sports into our trip: Ben on Lemonhead (V4). 

Making it look easy....

Action sequence:
I don't climb as much anymore, but I can still practice technique without any arm strength to speak of.
Whenever possible, keep your arms straight.

To reach up, rotate your torso, hips, and shoulders while twisting in with the knee, keeping the opposite arm straight as possible while you cam upward.
Twisting with the core muscles gains reach without resorting as much to my puny biceps.

But wait there's more. We drove a few miles south into the proper San Rafael Swell to ride the Good Water Rim Trail at the Wedge overlook. calls this trail "one of the best rides in Utah". Well it was a nice trail:

It was very consistently flowing, not much in the way of elevation gain as it traversed the variegated and highly branched canyon rim, and very bumpy with small rock after small rock to negotiate, yet never anything that tricky. We both independently thought (1) this is an excellent trail for beginner mountain bikers, and (2), that it would be a great trail to run.

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