Sunday, May 27, 2012

The concept of blooming

This is e. She's training for the Logan to Jackson ride/race later this year. Her month-old Garmin thingy already tallied more miles than I do all year.

I tagged along on one of her "flat" rides. We went pretty fast.

But most days I ride solo (actually most days I don't ride at all, lately):

Those flowers had a bee in it. Are you getting a theme here? If you are confused its because there is none. These are just random pictures I'm throwing up. These pictures are just nice pictures. That's it. But if there was going to be some thematic tie-in, its that going on hikes with the Imms has really unleashed the backyard naturalist in me. We are un-fast. We stop to peer at dirt clods. We find bees, rolly pollys, spiders. I know the names of all sorts of different flowers now. SHE knows the names of all sorts of flowers now. We study the flowers over time. She knows the concept of blooming.

We stop for picnics in the grass. Find more rolly pollys. Eat bars from the backpack.

Airplanes and Helicopters are also big attractions...