Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's The Matter With Powder Park?

Nearly running up Little Water Peak---windboarded and crunchy as always.

We started the day with a few laps on the north side of the peak.

Light through aspens.

Red, White, and Blue: traversing the peak and subsequent ridge line on the way to Powder Park.

Our final lap on the fall line south-facing shot of Powder Park. The Park is like the petting zoo of the Wasatch---low angle, safe, and cuddly. Fifty turns in 4-inches of cream powder. The area is often crowded, except when you get to the trailhead at 7:30, which we always do, and you get first tracks even on your last lap of the day.

Which is to say, there is nothing a matter with Powder Park.


  1. Hi Will

    I've been to Powder Park from Mill D in BCC, that's generally where I run at in the winter, and I'd like to run/post-hole to the top of that peak you're skinning up titled "Nearly running up Little Water Peak---windboarded and crunchy as always." Is it possible to describe, in general, where that photo was taken at and how to get there? I don't recognize the terrain.

  2. Hi Ken,

    We went up mill D to Dog Lake and at the lake we cut northeast up the hill through the trees and you just keep going up hill till you reach the top. The windboard would be easy to run on, but that section is only about as big as what you see in the picture. There would be a longish posthole to get up there from the lake, but it is the best avy-safe way to get up there. And once you are up there, the ridge extending east from the peak is often windboarded and easy to run on. I'd suggest some mini snowshoes (or skis) though...