Saturday, February 4, 2012

The best of crust, the worst of crust

Early morning skin up Butler Fork, with views to Kessler Peak and the Argenta slide path.

Making our way up to Mt. Wilson. The Wilson chutes (right) have not slid and look scary and the Rime-covered trees at the top are pointing to Wyoming and into the horrendous wind that is blowing much harder in the valleys. The air was still up high though...

Me and the Twin Peaks massif.

Its February now. The bushes are still pushing out of the slopes at 9000 feet. We ski breakable and non-breakable crust and are happy about it. There were moments of making quite nice edge carving turns. Who knew that in the Wasatch in February you'd have to use those metal edges. I thought those were for resort groomers. At the top, Ben pulled out a sandwich made with barley flour, and I suggested he make pizza crust out of the barley flour. He's going to try that tonight. This whole day will be about crust of some type or another.

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