Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Drama of Puke Hill

A trail route can build a story that is more than a series of challenges in sequence. With any good story, there needs a denouement. Something that makes the challenges coherent: intermediate tests toward and ultimate showdown. 

Puke hill is one of those rides. Now I don't mean riding off the back of your truck from Gaurdsman's. Then Puke Hill is simply a rude awakening. You got to ride from the bottom. Hence Super Crest = Ride from Park City to reach Scott's pass then onto Wasatch Crest trail + Mid-Mountain Trail in one big loop.

So I woke up real early. I must say, that on the way up to ride, I kind of psyched myself out. I have not done any racing this year, so this has become a test of sorts for me.

A smooth ride up to Jupiter bowl.

Keeping it together up to Scott's Pass. 

At the pass, you round the bend, the angle kicks up. Then it starts. Every undulation you got to keep in check. As you ascend the pitch keeps increasing. Then riding is a process of extrapolation: If you are 30% from readline, then you can count down to meltdown with every pitch increase.

Triumph at the top---counted down before meltdown.

All cruiser from here...

The crest in its crestyest...

20 more miles of this...

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