Sunday, August 7, 2011

Consider the Pony Ride

Consider the pony ride. Just consider it, because like Trailer Captain, you may not be ready to saddle up yet...

Or consider a wild goose chase. Who's up for one?

Or consider a World Dog at the Wheeler Farm Farmers' Market on Sunday. This is one of the many fine food carts that can be found in our fair city of Salt Lake, normally found around Highland and the Patagonia outlet, but Sundays at Wheeler.

Consider the look of a true champion. One that rises to the occasion and gives their all, in this case, for a salsa competition---I have a feeling she practices the her look-of-a-champion at home, alone, in the mirror. Do you? As in, do you also practice too? You should. Their salsa was pretty good.

Consider the other fine pleasures of Summer, like a tractor barrel ride.

The look of a champion.

Apropos wild goose chases, our happening upon the Wheeler Market was a random act, starting with a morning TTC ride on the Jordan River Parkway.

Champion of one-handed-tandem-riding-photography...

The Continental Squad, picnicking somewhere along the river in Murray...

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