Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trans Outaouais

On a Quebec Summer day, one could ride from one little town to the next to the on the sustenance Poutine trucks. After crossing the Ottawa river by Ferry to Quyon, I stopped at one truck for some fries. I can't bring myself to eat Poutine from a truck. Its not real gravy, and the idea of gravy on fries is gross anyway. And its a Hot Summer, and hot gross gravy on hot fries... I don't get it, but it was 90+ degrees with humidity and folks were lining up for it. I ended up throwing my fries out, downing my coke, and pedalling on.

Just play this while you read.

Quyon was rocking. The Country Jam Fest was going on. I wanted to stop, but its always rush rush rush with me...

Quyon's claim to fame is that Elvis once played there, which leads me to ask how to say 'you ain't nothin' but a hound dog' in French. Google translate gives 'vous n'est pas rien, mais un chien de chasse'. Not bad. Which reminds me that I was tempted to get une chien chaud avec mon frites. But again, it was too hot and truck food is sketchy.

Further up from Quyon the dirt roads start, then on to Lac des Loups.

I stopped into Wakefield for a sandwich, then home to Ottawa. The total was 98 miles, 10 of them washboarded gravel, one ferry ride, and two flat tires (not on gravel), and two lunch stops, all in 7 and a half hours. My legs feel good today, way better than when I did this ride last year. I'll try to get much shorter ride in Sunday when it cools down.

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