Saturday, July 31, 2010

Legs like the cowardly lion---our time at the front

The CycleLogik B-squad group ride. Its a Saturday institution. I've been five times now and I really enjoy it---good folks, put on defacto by the West Quebec Wheelers who are hella awesome. What's great about CycleLogik is that they are a coffee bar and I get to watch Formula One racing on their TV before the ride.

My time at the camera-weilding front, forshortened by a puncture.

The key of good espresso is to not pull the shot too long. Don't put all the water through the grinds. Only the first bit is any good. Watch carefully.

I started the ride with legs like the scarecrow---full of hay, but they had the lion's true courage on the climb.

Yes, lets dance.

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