Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seckel Pear in the Jersey

La Lissa brought home some jars. It must be August. Canning begins. Apricots first.

I opted for a ride in the Gatineaus. 

After mashing out the Fortune climb I settled on the slow route to the Champlain lookout.

I brought these little pears with me, gotten at the Farmers Market. Most durable fruits are too big (except kumquats!) to fit in a jersey pocket. I tire of bananas---and they are only borderline durable anyway. Little fruit like this is often termed Lady Pears, or analogously Lady Apples. I think these are also called Seckel Pears as well, or so the internet says. 

I've been riding a lot lately and I'm on the verge of sore everyday. Today there were moments of lucidity in my legs up the Fortune climb. Not fast per se, but an efficient pace, but that all fell apart on the descent. I could have brought five more pears with me. 

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