Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tech Riding

I like riding technical lines. I'm not great at it, but biking should be more than pedaling hard.

But sometimes, you just need to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Cathryn Meadow outside of Alta.

I got tired of riding bikes since the big tour, and I've been getting into mountain running, here with my sis to Dog Lake

But riding Cathryn pass to Twin lakes, made me catch the bike bug again:


  1. Love Lake Mary and Catherine's pass--I've hiked/run from Brighton to the pass several times at night as a pacer during the Wasatch 100. Have never biked it.

  2. Neither have I till today. Its a lot tougher to bike than most trails in the area, but the descending challenges were fun. I have a few more drainages to tick off (hike or bike) and then I've got most of the big ones in the tri-canyons this year.

  3. Tired of riding bikes, say it aint so!

    I hear you, I've barely been on a bike except for commuting this summer. Signed up for Pauls this fall, should be interesting.

    Looks like some fun fun trails. :)

  4. Hi Rob!

    Not really tired of bikes, just that my big 360km tour I took late last June allowed me to meet my quota for the Summer. ;-)

    But yes, I've thrown a bit of running and fly fishing in the mix as well. Your cabin looks good my friend! We will be eventually getting back over to Ottawa in the unspecified future, and I'll have to get you a pint!