Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chasing Rabbits

We went to the Park City Glenwild-Jacob's Ladder [Flying Dog] loop---on a Saturday.

Buff trails, with climbing that went in short bursts of steep, then not-so-steep. The descents were speedy-technical and edifying.

But its in Park City, a place with a certain type of rider with an affinity for carbon dual-suspension long-travel bla bla... Each to his own, and I'd probably develop certain tastes if my income afforded it, but I digress. But when you see said group of riders ascending a climb, granny gears grinding away, I tend to want to accelerate and bridge the gap, then drop them with the afterburners on. Ben called it chasing rabbits: you see someone on the trail or a skin track hopping along, and, like an excited puppy, you get after 'em. Of course, we're all just out having fun. Trail respect is always observed, and like an excited puppy, you smile and leave everyone on the trail with more friendliness than when you found them, wether you're the rabbit, or the puppy.

Happy riders taking a break. The next rabbit up the trail awaits...

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