Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol: In surfing, skiing, or mountain biking the act of arriving at your location at, or before, sunrise to surf, ski or bike before the crowds, school or work.

I always say "yes" anytime someone asks me if I want to get up early to go ride/ski. Its really easy, you just say "yes" and when the alarm goes off you feel obligated to get up because you don't want to let yer bros down.

No I did not get up at 4 AM, so it was not a true dawn patrol, but it was in that spirit. It reminded me of my Utah Dawn Patrols: driving with my coffee mug in the wee hours to cut a few skin tracks to powder stashes as the sun rises, then get to work. Instead of a fresh powder dump of lake effect snow, I watched the fog roll off the Ottawa river as I drove up to the South March Highlands. Beautiful.

Rob and Heather---instigators of the Dawn Patrol---getting one more MTB ride in before Paul's Dirty Enduro

Rob with his game face. Rob was the smartest in the group. He put coffee in his water bottle. You see, Rob works with computers, so he knows about coffee. It was cold enough that I never drank any water. Kicking back and sipping some java would have been nice while watching the obstacle riding.

Heather rode every obstacle she could find. Crushing it.


  1. Dawn patrol -- I love it.
    Thanks for the ride, Will, that was great fun.

    You know what's bizarre? When my bike arrived back at home with Rob, the tire was flat again. And when we changed the tube it had a big tear in it ... I credit your magical-tube-pumping-skills for it having held air perfectly that whole ride :P So strange!
    - Heather

  2. Crazy. I've never heard of anything like that. You rode some big drops on that tube as well. What's nuts is that we rode all the way out the far end of the park to Carp road. A flat out there and we would have been walking all the way back.

    You threaded the needle on that one. Wow.