Friday, April 23, 2010

Classic Spring

The tires are mounted for the Ottawa Valley Paris-Roubaix. For the rest of the season, I'll be sporting these tires on the cross bike. Test riding these was awesome. Soft, but still very fast. The long dirt roads of Quebec await. But before then, I've been getting some speed back to do the P-R. I won't hang with the pack, I won't even see the pack probably. My swiftness is relative. I'll ride as fast as I can, plain and simple. I'm resting for the next few days to Sunday, but last Sunday I blitzed my regular 50-miler in 2 3/4-hours (18.2 mph average), which is fast for me on that course. I'll go a little faster for the race, hopefully, which I've heard is about 90K, just over 50 miles. Since then I've hit up Kanata Lakes trails on the MTB, and frankly, been dreaming of mountain biking...

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