Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ancho Chillies and the El Mariachi

Its hot this Summer. One has no business cooking anything on the stove or in the oven. This is why cultures in southern climes do so much slow cooking. I'm on a Mexican kick and I made beans. Beans, some bacon, onions, red chilli power, and cumin, put it in the cooker. The most important thing besides the bacon is the Ancho chilli, the big black dried chilli on the left. One can get these at the latin food store on Merrivale. They are totally worth it.

Riding at Camp Fortune while the beans cook. I'm still getting used to this bike. The tubeless wheels, boy do they climb. The steel frame is soft and comfy. Getting the hang of quick accelerations to get over obstacles has been weird though. There is a considerable wind-up before the proper torque is reached to power over stuff. My old bike was an aluminum Fisher Rig---a harsh ride, but snappy. The bb height is also low relative to the Fisher Rig. I'm still not used to all the pedal strikes. The lower bb height probably also contributes to the acceleration issue. Still, the bike is a big improvement. Over the long haul, its much more comfortable. and the slightly shorter top tube, and possibly steeper head angle makes the steering less sluggish than the Rig, but I don't know entirely why this is so.

Homemade tortillas. Adding a little butter to the Masa helps keep them together better in the pan

Mexican beer. Like I said, its hot out, and Mexico knows how to make beer for that. In lieu of queso fresco, we used feta cheese, and I don't feel bad about that a bit.

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