Friday, July 31, 2009

Flood Rides

After 1.5 weeks of shorter duration intensity rides, I went back to long turtle rides this last week. Great Glen is a week away. My legs have not been feeling tip top. I think there is a sickness going around. But I've been suffering through with a 4.5 hour ride last Saturday, tandem and work rides in the week, and a 3.5 hour fire tower ride yesterday to try out the new cog. If there are no flat long flat sections on the race course, I think I might go for a 20 tooth (did you pick one up for me, Justin?), but it probably won't mater for the race, but would be nice for the next adventure after that: a truncated two-day version of my Trans Utah...

Its been fugging raining here. Ark building sounds like a good career option now. Apparently its the wettest, coldest July in 70 years in Ottawa. Everywhere you go you find impromptu lakes and rivers, and lots of mud. Even in July, the rides can be cold here. Good thing you can eat your lunch in the unused winter ski huts along the trail in the Gatineaus. The forcast looks iffy for this week in North Conway, according to North Conway Weather .com, your site for Mt. Washington meteorology and Mariah Carey pics (seriously!).

This Saturday I'm planning the biggest ride yet. I do my 9-hour Gatineau Loop, but I stick in a side trip on trails out of the park to Wakefield then back in. This should put me into the 11-12 hour range, which is basically the duration of Great glen, although a few of those hours are mellow flat dirt roads as pave...

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