Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long Ride to Quit a Race For

Nuts: Ahhh, what was that?
Brain: We crashed.
Nuts: You have to keep ahold of the handlebar dumbass.
Brain: I think we are alright. All the sweat makes it slippery.
Nuts: We are wearing our bike like a hoola hoop.
Brain: I'll fix that.

"Are you O.K.?"
"Yah fine"
Racers zoom by...

Nuts: Stuff hurts. Is that blood?
Brain: Yep. This is the third race and the third crash. Its time to pack it in.
Nuts: Let's do the rest of the lap at least.
Brain: Alright, but we will take it slow.
Nuts: Hey, we are getting our rhythm back.
Brain: Yeah, but for how long?
Nuts: You have to roll with the punches better.
Brain: No I don't.
Nuts: Cumon, don't be a wuss.
Brain: Look, I'm taking the long view. We rode two hours to get out here, we are tired, and we slip up. It was a bad idea for racing strategy, but a wonderful ride.
Nuts: Yeah, I agree with that, but it will be an even better ride if we keep on.
Brain: Or even worse. We crashed on the first lap. We're only gonna be more off-the-ball next time around.
Nuts: All I'm saying is if you really want to do the Tour Divide next year (fingers crossed) we can't be quitting every time the going gets tough.
Brain: Yes I want to do the Divide to. We have a lot of work to do to get even remotely close to the fitness we would need for that, and this short technical course we are on is beside the point, and the more crashes we get, the more this is becoming a training liability.
Nuts: Yeah, I guess you are right.
Brain: A lotta good this race is gonna be if the next crash is a collar bone, or our nuts.
Nuts: Alright, no need to lord it over me. Lets go through the start/finish and let'em know we are out.
Brain: Sounds good.
Nuts: We can come out to the next race in a car and have it dialed.
Brain: Maybe. Lets think about it on the ride home...

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