Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A longish bike ride

Recently I sold my car. I did it partly because I couldn't afford the insurance premium, registration, and the price of fucking gas these days! Some amount of enviro do-gooderisim also factored in to the switch. I also didn't like the terrorist-per-gallon rating that my car, or anyone's, had. M has her car of course, but she uses it for work, so for the most part it's all pedal power.

I went on a mountain bike ride last Sunday. Now I ride to the mountains, but I caught to Wasatch Crest Shuttle up to Gardsmens. I did the crest, then the mid mountain, then down to Park City for a snack, then I rode home, taking part of I 80 from Parley's to East Canyon, to Emigration, then home. I consider this a longish ride according to the classification system devised by Sukow:

a ride <6hrs
longish <8-9hrs
long <16
redicuride no limit

I may not have the numbers right. I'll have to get back to Sukow on this. They are just a ballpark. This would also vary with terrain, or if you were racing at the time ect...

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