Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Porter Fork Bluebird

Ben and I went up porter fork today. We are usually pretty fast on the up, but today there was some very impressive splitboarders. They were flying up the hill with those large, unwieldy planks. Very impressive...

My legs on the other hand were doing about as one would expect after 5 days of skiing in the last 6 days. Near the top I started to feel like I was skinning in ankle-deep molasses. The picture says it all...

As for the skiing? It could not be better. After a few cornice and wind-drift kicks gave naught but a shrug we dove down into the top of porter fork bowl for some of the best turns this year, at least 3500 vertical feet worth. Here is a pic of Ben doing the first slope cut

And here is me, another satisfied Porter Fork customer

At this website you may view a video: http://www.math.utah.edu/~nesse/imBuildingARockWall/060314porterFork/


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