Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going Home

This is home.

Five-days drive to get there, all by myself, although packing was the hardest. I really wanted to check out Vedauwoo in eastern Wyoming, but in the end I wanted to get back to this little one:
Shredding the gnar, for babies. 

So I settled for a few pics off the highway. Wyoming is beautiful in its desolation. 

In western Nebraska I finally saw the sun and boy was it serene at sunset.

This is all I got for Iowa, which is a shame, because Iowa is beautiful, particularly the eastern part. Lewis and Clark made this same journey, all the way to Oregon where I was born. And I forgot to take pictures of all the other states---the wind and rain and toll roads did not make good pictures. Oh well.


  1. and of course you wanted to get home for your beautiful wife too.

  2. Ahem: http://rockwallerrog.blogspot.com/2010/06/rhetoric-of-flowers.html