Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gatineau Tour

I just got done riding in the Gatineau hills. Using my increasing knowledge of the trail network, I pieced together a route through most of the park, riding in a loop, and attempting mystery section on a rustic equestrian path. I got lost a bunch on this section as the trail petered out into open fields every once in a while. However, the section made me a happy, but a bit homesick because it reminded me of the mountain west. About three hours into it I sheared the bearings in my eggbeater pedal. This is the second time this has happened. Those pedals are trash. I think I'll switch to ATACs? Any suggestions on a good pedal would be appreciated. I rode for the last three hours with a removable clipless pedal. On the return leg I snapped my chain as well, but I was able to piece together the remaining strand to get home.

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  1. I've had good luck with the aluminum Time ATAC pedals - after a few years of use, the bushing can start to make a little noise (there is a bushing and a bearing). Easy disassembly and a little grease solved that problem.

    Otherwise, I've beaten them up pretty well and they've held up. They work in the mud too.

    The higher end models have two bearings instead of the bushings. If I remember right, the high end models might not have flats for a pedal wrench; they only have an Allen key. This could be a pain for seized threads. The plastic body does seem to be pretty tough, but the price is much higher.